In this database, useful information about carbohydrate antigens, ie, glycoepitopes, and antibodies is organized as a compact encyclopedia.

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GlycoEpitope November 18, 2015
Epitope ID Epitope Name ▲ Epitope Sequence
Partial structure of Xyloglucan : ---Glc(b1-4)[Xyl(a1-6)]Glc(b1-4)[Gal(b1-2)Xyl(a1-6)]Glc(b1-4)[Fuc(a1-2)Gal(b1-2)Xyl(a1-6)]Glc(b1-4)[Xyl(a1-6)]Glc(b1-4)---
beta 1-4 Galactan
i Antigen
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