With the successful deployment of the International Glycan Structure Repository GlyToucan, the Database Integration Coordination Program (DICP) of Japan has funded a new five-year project, called GlyCosmos Portal Development, which entails the integration of more diverse –omics data including glycogenes, glycoconjugates such as glycoproteins and glycolipids, molecular structures, and pathways. This portal site will include the development of a new glycoconjugate repository GlyComb, as well as an integrated and curated database under GlyCosmos which provides context for the glycans and glycoconjugates registered in the GlyTouCan and GlyComb repositories, respectively. In addition, this project will involve development of standard notations (WURCS) and ontologies (GlycoRDF, Glycoconjugate ontology). By using Sematic Web technologies, GlyCosmos will also integrate other -omics databases from the fields of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and lipidomics.

Overview Figure
The following figure shows an overview of GlyCosmos Portal.

This figure was last updated in 2017.

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