A text representation for glycan structures aimed for use in the Semantic Web.



A standard ontology for RDFizing glycomics data (glycan structures, publications, experimental data, and source).


A standard ontology for RDFizing glycoconjugate data (glycoproteins/glycolipids, glycan abundance ratios, sample information, diseases, publication information, etc.)

The glycan structure repository GlyTouCan

assigning accession numbers to glycans.

GlyTouCan Images

The glyco(proteo)mics repository GlycoPOST

stores mass spectrometry data obtained from glyco(proteo)mics related experiments.

GlycoPost Images

Data Resources
Data Resources

All data in GlyCosmos are stored using Semantic Web technologies, enabling easier integration with life science data.

International Collaboration
GlySpace Alliance

GlyCosmos is a member of the GlySpace Alliance together with GlyGen and Glycomics@ExPASy.

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GlySpace Alliance

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Toshisuke Kawasaki Ritsumeikan University Senior Researcher
Tadashi Suzuki RIKEN Chief Scientist
Kiichiro Totani Seikei University Professor
Hiroshi Nakada Kyoto Sangyo University Emeritus Professor
Shunji Natsuka Niigata University Professor
Shoko Nishihara Soka University Professor
Yoshiki Yamaguchi Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University Professor
Katsuko Yamashita Yokohama City University Visiting Professor
Issaku Yamada The Noguchi Institute Project Lead (Deputy Chair)

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