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GlyCosmos Glycogenes

Integrated list of glycan-related genes, including glycosyltransferases, hydrolases, etc. Gene Symbol Aliases include gene descriptions and names of orthologs.

GlycoGene Database (GGDB)

GGDB is a database which includes genes associated with glycan synthesis such as glycosyltransferase, sugar nucleotide synthases, sugar-nucleotide transporters, and sulfotransferases.


PlantGARDEN (Genome And Resource Database Entry) is a portal site that curates genome and marker information of various plant species. This is a list of the glycogenes computationally extracted from all plant genomes in PlantGARDEN.

Glyco-Disease Genes Database (GDGDB)

GDGDB is a database of glycan-related diseases and their responsible genes.

GlycoNAVI Genes

GlycoNAVI-Genes is dataset of gene informtion. This is the content of GlycoNAVI.


Glycan related Drosophila gene database.


Lipid-related genes and proteins from LIPID MAPS Proteome Database (LMPD).

Alliance of Genome Resources

Alliance of Genome Resources is a gene dataset, which contains curated genome information essential for the understanding of the genetics and genomic basis of human biology, health and disease. All data is retrieved from six major model organism databases and the Gene Ontology including FlyBase, Mouse Genome Database (MGI), Rat Genome Database (RGD), Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD), WormBase, Zebrafish Information Network (ZFIN), and the GO Consortium. In GlyCosmos, only glycan-related disease information has been extracted from Alliance of Genome Resources.


DisGeNET is a knowledge management platform that integrates and standardizes the data of genes and mutations related to diseases from multiple sources. It covers entire range of human disease.


The CAZy database describes the families of structurally-related catalytic and carbohydrate-binding modules (or functional domains) of enzymes that degrade, modify, or create glycosidic bonds.

GlyCosmos Glycoproteins

Integrated list of glycoproteins extracted from UniProt and annotated with glycosylation data from GlyGen and GlyConnect. For each entry, information such as glycosylation site, glycans, diseases, 3D structures, and pathway information are available.

GlyCosmos Lectins

Protein entries annotated as carbohydrate-binding in UniProt. Glycosylation site information, along with glycan-binding patterns are also integrated where available.


GlycoProtDB is a glycoprotein database providing information of Asn (N)-glycosylated proteins and their glycosylated site(s), which were constructed by employing a bottom-up strategy using actual glycopeptide sequences identified by LC/MS-based glycoproteomic technologies.

Lectin Frontier DataBase (LfDB)

LfDB provides quantitative interaction data in terms of the affinity constants (Ka) of a series of lectins toward a panel of pyridylaminated (PA) glycans obtained by an automated frontal affinity chromatography with fluorescence detection (FAC-FD) system.

GlycoNAVI Proteins

GlycoNAVI-Proteins is dataset of glycan and protein information. This is the content of GlycoNAVI.

GlycoNAVI Lectins

GlycoNAVI-Lectins is a subset of GlycoNAVI-Proteins, a dataset of glycan and protein information, which is the content of GlycoNAVI. This is the content of GlycoNAVI.

International Collaboration

GlyCosmos is a member of the GlySpace Alliance together with GlyGen and Glycomics@ExPASy.


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