GlyCosmos Diseases
Data Updated Size File
Disease ID, Disease Name, Gene Symbol, Gene ID August 23, 2023 209 KB Download (.csv)
GlyCosmos Glycans
Data Updated Size File
Accession Number, IUPAC Condensed, WURCS, Monoisotopic mass, Motif name(s), Subsumption, ChEBI, PubChem CID, Taxonomy, GlycomeAtlas(Taxonomy:Tissue(UBERON ID)) December 18, 2023 11 MB ~ Download (.csv)
WURCS(parent), GlyTouCan(parent), SubsumptionLevel(parent), WURCS(child), GlyTouCan(child), SubsumptionLevel(child) December 18, 2023 73 MB ~ Download (.csv)
GlyTouCan ID,Taxonomy,Taxonomy ID,Tissue,DOI,PMID August 1, 2023 70 KB Download (.csv)
GlyTouCan ID, UniProt IDs of core proteins April 26, 2023 382 KB Download (.csv)
GlyTouCan ID, WURCS December 18, 2023 37 MB ~ Download (.csv)
ArchiveNumber, AccessionNumber December 18, 2023 16 KB ~ Download (.csv)
ArchiveNumber December 18, 2023 30 KB ~ Download (.csv)
GlyCosmos GlycoGenes
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Gene Symbol, Alias symbol, Gene ID, GGDB ID, FGDB ID, KEGG ID, LM ID, Disease Name, Species August 23, 2023 4.9 MB Download (.csv)
GlyCosmos Glycolipids
Data Updated Size File
Category, Main Class, Sub Class, LM ID(LIPID MAPS), Common Name, LIPIDBANK ID, KEGG ID, PubChem CID, CHEBI ID, Exact Mass, Formula February 3, 2022 900 KB Download (.csv)
GlyCosmos Lectins
Data Updated Size File
Lectin Name, UniProt ID, PDB IDs, LfDB ID, Monosaccharide Specificity, Organism, MCAW IDs August 2, 2023 192 KB Download (.csv)
GlyCosmos Pathways
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Reactome ID March 22, 2023 146 KB Download (.csv)
Reactome ID, Glycoprotein March 22, 2023 512 KB Download (.csv)
Reactome ID, KEGG, ChEBI, GlyTouCan March 22, 2023 70 KB Download (.csv)
GlyCosmos Proteins
Data Updated Size File
UniProt ID, Protein Name, Gene Symbol, Organism, No. of Glycosylation Sites, GlyTouCan IDs, Disease Name, Alias Disease Name July 5, 2023 7.6 MB Download (.csv)
Protein Name, UniProt ID, Organism, Site, GlyTouCan IDs, Source DB April 26, 2023 13.3 MB Download (.csv)
UniProt ID, UniProt ID, Glycosylation information April 26, 2023 4.3MB Download (.tsv)
Glycan Images
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IUPAC PNG image files December 18, 2023 653 MB ~ Download (.zip)
SNFG PNG image files December 18, 2023 667 MB ~ Download (.zip)
SNFG SVG image files December 18, 2023 565 MB ~ Download (.zip)
UOXF color PNG image files December 18, 2023 720 MB ~ Download (.zip)
Glyco-Disease Genes Database (GDGDB)
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Concept UI, Disease Name, Gene Symbol, Alias Disease Name, Disease Type, UniProt ID, Disease IDs December 7, 2021 25 KB Download (.csv)
Gene ID, Gene Symbol, Concept UI, PubMed January 25, 2017 7 KB Download (.csv)
GlycoGene Database (GGDB)
Data Updated Size File
Gene ID, Gene Symbol, GGDB ID, Reaction, Acceptor, Product, PubMed January 26, 2018 73 KB Download (.csv)

International Collaboration

GlyCosmos is a member of the GlySpace Alliance together with GlyGen and Glycomics@ExPASy.


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