GlyCosmos Glycoproteins

Integrated list of glycoproteins extracted from UniProt and annotated with glycosylation data from GlyGen and GlyConnect. For each entry, information such as glycosylation site, glycans, diseases, 3D structures, and pathway information are available.

Database Last Updated
GlyConnect April 19, 2023
GlycoProtDB October 1, 2021
GlyGen October 2, 2023
Human Protein Atlas June 19, 2023 (Protein Atlas version 23)
MCAW-DB July 10, 2019
The O-GlcNAc Database April 10, 2023 (v1.3)
Reactome February 28, 2024 (Version 87)
UniProt December 27, 2023
Protein Name UniProt ID Gene Symbol Gene Symbol Aliases Species No. of Glycosylation Sites No. of GlyTouCan IDs Disease Name
  • M2
  • M
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International Collaboration

GlyCosmos is a member of the GlySpace Alliance together with GlyGen and Glycomics@ExPASy.


Supported by JST NBDC Grant Number JPMJND2204

Partly supported by NIH Common Fund Grant #1U01GM125267-01