GlyCosmos Lectins

Protein entries annotated as carbohydrate-binding in UniProt. Glycosylation site information, along with glycan-binding patterns are also integrated where available.

Database Last Updated
MCAW-DB July 10, 2019
UniLectin June 14, 2023
UniProt February 16, 2024
Lectin Frontier DataBase (LfDB) February 16, 2024
CarboGrove June 14, 2023
GlyCosmos Lectin Lectin Name Short Names ▲ UniProt ID PDB IDs LfDB IDs Monosaccharide Specificities Species Taxonomy ID MCAW IDs
  • BPA
  • BPL
  • Gal
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International Collaboration

GlyCosmos is a member of the GlySpace Alliance together with GlyGen and Glycomics@ExPASy.


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