ACGG Database

GlycoGene Database (GGDB)

GGDB is a database which includes genes associated with glycan synthesis such as glycosyltransferase, sugar nucleotide synthases, sugar-nucleotide transporters, and sulfotransferases.
ACGG Database

Glyco-Disease Genes Database (GDGDB)

GDGDB is a database of glycan-related diseases and their responsible genes.


ACGG Database

GlycoProtDB (GPDB)

GPDB is a glycoprotein database providing information of Asn (N)-glycosylated proteins and their glycosylated site(s), which were constructed by employing a bottom-up strategy using actual glycopeptide sequences identified by LC/MS-based glycoproteomic technologies.
ACGG Database

Lectin Frontier DataBase (LfDB)

LfDB provides quantitative interaction data in terms of the affinity constants (Ka) of a series of lectins toward a panel of pyridylaminated (PA) glycans obtained by an automated frontal affinity chromatography with fluorescence detection (FAC-FD) system.
GlycoNAVI Database


GlycoAbun is dataset of abundance ratio for glycans. This is a content of GlycoNAVI. Currently under construction.
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GlyCosmos Lectin Database

GlyCosmos Lectins

Protein entries from PDB annotated as lectins in UniProt. Glycosylation site information is also shown where available.
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